Otay Ranch

Otay Ranch is a balanced community with housing, shops, workplaces, schools, parks, civic facilities and open spaces. It is intended to cluster the majority of development in villages, with conveniently located features and well-defined edges such as the Chula Vista Greenbelt, open spaces and wildlife corridors.

Otay Ranch consists of 22,899 acres, which is between east of I-805 and south of Telegraph Canyon Road. A large portion of the Ranch is presently in the County of San Diego, although it is planned to annex those areas later. The entire ranch will ultimately add a total population to Chula Vista of approximately 62,373.

Otay Ranch consists of 11 urban villages, containing approximately 27,000 dwelling units and support commercial and community facilities.
  These villages are clustered around a "core" area within the village reflecting varying design character and densities. The plan has created tree-lined streets with pedestrian plazas and buildings to complement human, rather than automotive activity.
Many of these villages will be connected by the future extension of the San Diego Trolley. The village cores will also provide amenities such as commercial, parks, and schools within a short walking distance from the residences. In addition, the plan includes a proposed urban "center" which will contain a variety of office, commercial, high-density residential uses. This urban area provides a unique functional and symbolic center for Otay Ranch.

The plan also protects the important natural resources that are evident in the area. An 11,000-acre open space preserve unequaled in San Diego County has been created to protect most of the Otay Ranch area.  Over 1,000 acres of this Preserve has been dedicated to the City and County. Other large open space areas will preserve and connect many of the natural habitats.  A large regional trail system linked to "paseos" and public parks will provide hikers with a variety of recreational options.
Otay Ranch urban villages have been developed and implemented, which has approximately, 5,000 dwelling units.  These housing units include an "alley-product" and apartments. In addition, two public parks, a medical clinic, two elementary schools and pedestrian "paseo" trails have recently opened. In one of the urban villages, a 30,000 square-foot mixed-use commercial development has been created as well.

Otay Ranch also has a high-density "urban" center, which will contain a variety of office, regional commercial and multi-family residential uses. This urban center will provide a unique functional and symbolic center for Otay Ranch. In all, this cooperative planning effort has resulted in a comprehensive plan which promotes a new livable community, and supports the need for smart growth living.
Otay Ranch is one of the fastest growing communities in San Diego county.  With continued businesses moving the south San Diego and home building, Otay Ranch is projected to be one of the largest planned communities within San Diego.  With the addition of the Trolley extension and the Southbay 125 (SB-125) toll-road, transportation to and from Otay Ranch is now easier then ever.  Otay Ranch continues to growth exponentially and is expected to continue on this path for years to come.  With the addition of a new college expected near Otay Lakes and other great businesses entering the community, itís no wonder why families want to call Otay Ranch home.

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